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» Name: Andrew Galloway
» Ring Name: Drew Galloway
» Born: June 6th 1985
» Hometown: Ayr, Scotland
He began training from the age of 15 in England, before moving back to Scotland to begin his career. Before long, he became a regular in British Championship Wrestling (BCW), using the gimmick "Thee" Drew Galloway and winning their Heavyweight Championship twice, along with the Heavyweight Championship of Insane Championship Wrestling. He also found success abroad in Irish Whip Wrestling, winning their top title. During this time, he completed an undergraduate degree in criminology.
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At : 13 March 2015▪ Posted by : Gena▪ In : TNA Impact Reportno comments
TNA Impact Report: February 27

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TNA Impact – MVP, accompanied by The BDC, awaits the champion. “The Destroyer” Lashley enters powerfully and confidently. Lashley takes MVP off his feet with a huge clothesline. The champion dominates early with a hanging vertical suplex, but their fight spills to the outside. The BDC attempts interference. While the official, Brian Stiffler, is distracted by The BDC, MVP takes control with a running kick to Lashley’s face. Stiffler ejects Low Ki from ringside, but the interference paid off. MVP rolls Lashley into the ring and makes a cover. Lashley’s out at two. MVP connects with a well-placed kick to the spine before working over Lashley’s arm and shoulder. MVP tosses Lashley from the ring and distracts Brian Stiffler. Meanwhile, Samoa Joe and Kenny King attack the champion. MVP applies a figure-four wrist lock, but Lashley refuses to quit. Lashley counters with a couple rights before both men catch one another with clotheslines. They’re both down. MVP and Lashley trade shots until Lashley gains the advantage, sending MVP to the mat. Lashley powers into MVP with a huge shoulder block and spinebuster! Lashley sets up for a spear, but Kenny King grabs his ankle, allowing MVP to rush in with a boot the face and an exploder suplex. Lashley spears MVP, but as he falls, MVP takes out Brian Stiffler! Eric Young rushes into the ring and attacks Lashley with a steel chair! Eric Young sets Lashley up for the piledriver; Bobby Roode makes the save! Lashley and MVP make it back to their feet. Lashley drops MVP with a huge powerslam! The champion makes the cover, but Kenny King pulls Brian Stiffler from the ring just before three! Joe and King attack Lashley. Gunner emerges to combat Joe. Lashley takes out Kenny King – and MVP capitalizes. MVP makes a cover, but there’s no referee. Brian Hebner rushes in – and Lashley powers out at two! Brian Hebner gets distracted with the medics and Stiffler and MVP grabs the chair. Drew Galloway makes the save by kicking MVP in the face, setting up the challenger for a huge spear! Lashley connects, Hebner reenters the ring and the pin is good for the champion to retain his title!



At : 13 March 2015▪ Posted by : Gena▪ In : TNA Impact Reportno comments
TNA Impact Report: February 20 – Drew’s TNA Debut

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Glasgow,Scotland – Snow attacks Grado before the opening bell. Snow dominates early with a knee to the gut and an elbow to the face. Grado attempts to fight back, but Snow overpowers him with a clothesline. Snow chokes Grado using his wrist tape.

The referee breaks the choke. Snow grabs Grado by the head and points to – and taunts Grado’s mom in the audience. Snow bodyslams Grado and covers him for a two-count. Snow slaps Grado in the face. Grado counters with a chop. Snow bodyslams Grado again and heads to the top rope.

Al Snow connects with a moonsault and makes a pin attempt! Grado’s out at two! Snow goes up top again – this time missing the moonsault. Grado hits Snow with a “Wee Boot,” before connecting with a “Roll and Slice.”

Grado misses another Wee Boot. Al Snow misses with head and Grado catches him with a Wee Boot for the win!

Winner: Grado

Post-match: Grado celebrates his victory – and Al Snow makes good on his word by shaking Grado’s hand and hoisting it into the air. The BDC attacks – but Drew Galloway debuts from the crowd to make the save! Drew Galloway catches Low Ki in the head with a metal bar – Low Ki is busted open and blood pours from the side of his head.



At : 13 March 2015▪ Posted by : Gena▪ In : Uncategorizedno comments
Drew talks to WrestleTalkTv

In one of two interviews with WrestleTalkTV, Drew talks about leaving WWE, 3MB and other wide range of topics.

Interview #2.


At : 27 November 2014▪ Posted by : Gena▪ In : Site Newsno comments
Site update

The site is very much alive. Just waiting for the new layout. As for the gallery, it’s very hard finding / videos of Drew from his independences appearances. I’m really surprised that there are no new photo shoots or anything. So, if you guys know of any let me know on twitter.


At : 22 September 2014▪ Posted by : Gena▪ In : FWE Newsno comments
FWE – Drew speaks about Carlito and Dreamer

Drew Galloway has strong words for his opponents on Oct 3 and 4. Carlito and especially Tommy Dreamer have officially been put on notice. Limited seats remain.


At : 10 September 2014▪ Posted by : Gena▪ In : Site Newsno comments
Site is back.

Hey everyone, It’s Gena. The former owner. I’m back and ready to get this site back up and running. It will take some time, so give me a little bit. Hopefully, you guys will like the ending results.


At : 12 July 2014▪ Posted by : Gena▪ In : FWE Newsno comments
FWE Matches announced

Family Wrestling Entertainment has announced that Drew will be participating in two matches, on October 3rd he will be facing Trent and the night after he will be facing ECW legend Tommy Dreamer! Be sure to get yourself some tickets as it’ll be one hell of a show!


At : 6 July 2014▪ Posted by : Gena▪ In : FWE Newsno comments
Drew to debut @ FWE

Drew Galloway fka Drew McIntyre makes his FWE debut 10/3 and 10/4. His opponents will be named this week. Tickets go on sale Saturday at 1 PM!


At : 28 May 2014▪ Posted by : Gena▪ In : Uncategorizedno comments
RAW Report: May 26th

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UNIVERSITY OF TENNESEE – The Maddox Era is over, cut down in its prime and cast into General Manager infamy thanks to the swift hand of The Authority – not to mention a final exclamation point provided by a former member of the corporate cabal. With Daniel Bryan yet to surrender the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and The Shield’s insubordination growing by the day, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon decided to make a statement by handing Raw GM Brad Maddox his pink slip for allowing The Hounds of Justice to name themselves guest commentators on last week’s show.

El Torito may have toppled a former Intercontinental Champion, but Hornswoggle’s still feeling a little bullish towards his horned rival. “The Chosen One” turned Torito into his personal Brawlin’ Buddy for the majority of their contest, and it was only a brawl between Los Matadores and the rest of 3MB that allowed Torito to trip Drew up on the ropes and pin the former champion.

That was when Hornswoggle pounced, cornering Torito with his band mates and ripping his tail off with his bare hands – a show of barbarism that sent Torito high-stepping to the backstage area while Los Matadores, the commentary team and WWE Universe members all looked on in abject horror.


At : 7 May 2014▪ Posted by : Gena▪ In : Site News, Uncategorizedno comments
Cheap Plug! the net’s newest & latest source on the net regarding WWE superstar Wade Barrett! For the past couple of weeks I have been working on the the site and it’s been up & running since Thursday! So be sure to give it a visit and let other’s know!


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