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Family Wrestling Entertainment has announced that Drew will be participating in two matches, on October 3rd he will be facing Trent and the night after he will be facing ECW legend Tommy Dreamer! Be sure to get yourself some tickets as it’ll be one hell of a show!

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Drew Galloway fka Drew McIntyre makes his FWE debut 10/3 and 10/4. His opponents will be named this week. Tickets go on sale Saturday at 1 PM!

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UNIVERSITY OF TENNESEE – The Maddox Era is over, cut down in its prime and cast into General Manager infamy thanks to the swift hand of The Authority – not to mention a final exclamation point provided by a former member of the corporate cabal. With Daniel Bryan yet to surrender the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and The Shield’s insubordination growing by the day, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon decided to make a statement by handing Raw GM Brad Maddox his pink slip for allowing The Hounds of Justice to name themselves guest commentators on last week’s show.

El Torito may have toppled a former Intercontinental Champion, but Hornswoggle’s still feeling a little bullish towards his horned rival. “The Chosen One” turned Torito into his personal Brawlin’ Buddy for the majority of their contest, and it was only a brawl between Los Matadores and the rest of 3MB that allowed Torito to trip Drew up on the ropes and pin the former champion.

That was when Hornswoggle pounced, cornering Torito with his band mates and ripping his tail off with his bare hands – a show of barbarism that sent Torito high-stepping to the backstage area while Los Matadores, the commentary team and WWE Universe members all looked on in abject horror.

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http://wadebarrett-online.com/ the net’s newest & latest source on the net regarding WWE superstar Wade Barrett! For the past couple of weeks I have been working on the the site and it’s been up & running since Thursday! So be sure to give it a visit and let other’s know!

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Drew was featured on this week’s tapings of SmackDown which happened in Buffalo, NY. To see what he’s up to click ‘Continue Reading


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Sheamus won a 20-Man Battle Royal to become the new United States Champion

ALBANY, NY – Believe this: In life and in the ring, nobody defies Evolution and goes uncontested. Despite a death- (and gravity-) defying effort by The Shield to knock off Triple H, Randy Orton & Batista at Extreme Rules, The King of Kings was quick to act, placing Ambrose into an unwinnable situation by decreeing that the reigning champion would have to defend his U.S. Title in a 20-Man Battle Royal. And guess what? Ambrose didn’t win.

Granted, it took some luck of the Irish to wrestle Old Glory from the “Lunatic Fringe’s” taped-up fingers, since the battle eventually came down to Sheamus, Jack Swagger, Ambrose and both members of RybAxel. Ambrose eliminated the latter three singlehandedly before wandering into a Brogue Kick that left him ripe for the eliminating by the lurking Celtic Warrior. Having successfully taken the Hound’s collar from him, The Game re-emerged from his corporate perch to add one final insult to The Shield’s injury — a fourth clash pitting them against The Wyatt Family in the night’s main event.

3MB crashed Los Matadores’ Cinco de Mayo celebration

Still smarting from their historic defeat the night before, 3MB decided – as any rock stars worth their salt – to crash Los Matadores’ Cinco de Mayo party on Raw, but just ended up getting a little Revenge of the Fifth for their efforts thanks to the incomparable El Torito.

The beleaguered band has circled the zany toreadors for almost a year now, and after battling for a full lap around the sun, seemed ready to ask – well, demand, really – a truce. Los Matadores weren’t really in the mood to be bossed around, however, and as a fracas broke out between the five foes, El Torito took matters into his own hooves by slamming a sombrero over Hornswoggle’s head and sending him flying with an airplane spin. Feliz Cinco, muchachos.

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EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. — It was dubbed “the biggest little match in WWE history.” The titanic tussle between Hornswoggle and El Torito did not disappoint. After El Torito sent Hornswoggle crashing through a tiny table to earn the victory, the WWE Universe could only chant one thing – “This is awesome!”

The WWE Universe was not sure what to expect when the leprechaun-turned-rocker and the pint-sized bull locked horns. Their questions were answered before the bell even rang. Nearly everything inside the arena was shrunk down to match the stature of the tiny competitors. Calling the action were Micro Cole, JB-Elf and Jerry “The King” Smaller, a tiny referee officiated the bout, while a mini ring announcer introduced the competitors, giving this battle between WWE’s smallest competitors a big match feel.

Hornswoggle took control of the bout until the first weapon, a tiny chair, came into play. Torito used the seat to launch himself onto the ropes and colliding into his little foe. Thanks to a distraction from his 3MB bandmate Jinder Mahal, Hornswoggle was able to scale to new heights on a step ladder. Though he was initially afraid to jump, the leprechaun leapt off the tiny ladder with a little encouragement. Unfortunately, Torito moved out of the way, leaving Hornswoggle to crash into the canvas.

While 3MB and Los Matadores neutralized each other at ringside, Hornswoggle regained control bybattering El Torito and laying him out on the miniature announcers’ table. The leprechaun risked life and little limb with a daring elbow drop off the ring apron and through the table.

After emerging from the pint-sized wreckage, Torito had enough awareness to avoid a chairshot that sent Heath Slater hurtling through a stack of miniature tables. The tiny bull also prevented Mahal and Drew McIntyre from meddling any more, sending them crashing through undersized ladders and tables at ringside.

Torito saw Hornswoggle standing in front of a miniature table inside the ring and leapt into action. Seeing red, the bull springboarded from the top rope onto his foe, sending him through the table. The crushing blow was exactly what El Torito needed to earn the three count and etch his name into WWE history by winning the first WeeLC Match.

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KANSAS CITY – On the last SmackDown before WWE turns Extreme this Sunday, there was no shortage of crafty puns and chaotic action during the first-ever “WeeLC” contract signing; Daniel Bryan and Kane proclaimed their willingness to carry their battle straight to hell and Dean Ambrose defended his United States Championship against three hungry challengers.

‘WeeLC’ contract signing grew chaotic

Before Hornswoggle and El Torito face off in the first-ever “WeeLC” Match on the Extreme Rules Pre-Show – airing exclusively on WWE Network at 7:30 ET – the determined rivals first needed to sign on the dotted line. With SmackDown General Manager Vickie Guerrero hosting the contract signing and 3MB and Los Matadores backing up their pint-sized partners, the ring was full of potential raucousness.

The in-ring soirée began with Heath Slater reading off a list of demands from the former Cruiserweight Champion, which clearly didn’t sit well with Hornswoggle’s surprisingly talkative adversary. A height-off soon left both these manic mascots standing tall – on top of a table – ready to go to battle.

It wouldn’t be a contract signing without some chaos, though, and these frenzied foes didn’t disappoint. A physical confrontation exploded, resulting in El Torito hitting the Gore on ‘Swoggle and launching himself ringside onto a disoriented 3MB.

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HERSHEY, Pa. – The Hounds of Justice ran rabid over Friday night, systematically decimating the competition to help even the odds in an 11-on-3 Handicap Match main event.

The Shield laid waste to 3MB

Following up their earlier assault on Jack Swagger, The Hounds of Justice launched a second attack on scheduled 11-3 Handicap Match opponents, this time leaving 3MB in tatters.

Moments later, a phone call from Triple H gave Vickie Guerrero “the night off.” In her place, Raw General Manager Brad Maddox was called in to handle The Shield situation.

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Los Matadores & El Torito def. 3MB & Hornswoggle

Following up the “match of the century” is a tall order, but Los Matadores & El Torito somehow managed to come up huge on Raw when they united against Jinder Mahal, Drew McIntyre & prospective fourth-MB Hornswoggle in Six-Man Tag Team action. In fact, the two teams didn’t even stand on ceremony before summoning ‘Swoggle and Torito into the ring to resume their rivalry.

What ensued was a magnificent clash of wills, and if not for Jinder Mahal’s timely interruption, Torito might have stood tall with the “Bull-sault.” Drew McIntyre – smarting for some payback of his own against the bull – tagged in to exact revenge, but all he got was yet another strike to the nether regions and a triple-pronged attack from Torito and his toreadors that forced “The Chosen One” to fall short.

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